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Our Specialty, The Jodhpur Band Gala

The Rathore Design Company has mastered the art of cutting the Jodhpur style Band Gala suit in its most original cut. The secrets of the cut are over 100's years old and have undergone a design evolution over the last 20 years, giving the client an unique experience of history in a slick modern style.



What is the Jodhpur Band Gala                              The Jodhpurs Pants


The Jodhpur Band Gala jacket (a regular length jacket with front button closing and a high collar) is probably a later cousin of the Jodhpuri Achkan (a long jacket with front button closing and high collar).


What makes both these designs so special and popular is the fact that they were worn by young Princes and Rulers during the ‘birth’ of the ‘new’ India, with impeccable style, comfort and ease. Creating an international ripple and setting a globally stylish trend, today the Jodhpur Band Gala jacket  & Jodhpuri Achkan are synonymous  with the Taj Mahal, Kipling and ultimately even with India.


Cut high on the arm hole the jacket fits like a glove around the chest while the tailored look offers the slick modern edge. Originating in Jodhpur centuries ago, the Rathore Band Gala is India’s premier jacket, meticulously handmade by local skilled artisans.  It takes  over 23 hours of superb tailoring using  world-class fabrics, making it undoubtedly one of the best products made in India today.

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