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Rawla Narlai, an oasis to relax & recuperate.


Rawla Narlai, situated in Rajasthan midway between Jodhpur & Udaipur, is a 17th century "villa" with 26 exquisite rooms renovated over the last decade.


Now a heritage hotel, Narlai is located in the heart of a typical Rajasthan village bustling with activity and bursting with color. The Rawla (fortress) however is an oasis of  serenity and offers a splendid view of a gigantic [350 ft high] single rock of granite dotted with caves and temples, crowned by a statue of a white elephant - proud guardian to the open desert on one side and the crumbling Aravali hills on the other .


Maharaj and Rani Swaroop Singh personally involved with the careful reconstruction and restoration of this one-time hunting lodge, with the focus on aesthetics, comfort, and atmosphere that will titillate your senses. Comfortable rooms with modern bathrooms blend with the ancient way of Narlai, offering a warm and homely atmosphere. The charming rooms echo the past, enhancing your experience.




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