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Uniform Design

hotel uniform design


"This is an area that demands experimentation. The 215-room Park in Chennai challenged Hirsch Bedner Associates, Santa Monica, California, and fashion designer Raghavendra Rathore, Jodhpur, to make “real clothes” for the staff of this year-old luxury hotel in the heart of the business district in Tamil Nadu’s capital. Typical waitstaff uniforms are replaced by casual, tropical-styled white shirts. The boundaries between costume and clothing get even thinner in The Leather Bar, where staff members dress in black jeans, black tee-shirts and studded belts. “We wanted a clever mix of classic and contemporary, a rare sight in Indian hotels,” says Rupa Nair, communications manager Park Hotels’ parent, Apeejay Surrendra Group. “We wanted to say ‘luxury’ with innovative design and modern fabrics, from denim to leather. Each uniform had to represent the hotel in its entirety.” - Mary Scoviak, Design Editor HOTELS


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Rathore Uniform design division offers practical, superbly tailored and distinctly designed uniforms for the Hospitality and other Career apparel for any kind of sector. Well-tested fabrics, timely deliveries at competent price points, makes us leaders in this specialized service.  


Through innovative design ideas we rework the conventional perception, of Uniform Designs creating economical, workable and brand building ideas through good design and concepts. We offer a unique design philosophy that works best for its environment.


Rathore Uniform design department  has designed uniforms for various requirments and wardrobes for corporate and private institutions across the globe.  



Our clients include:
The Umaid Bhavan Palace, Jodhpur - a Taj Hotel
Samode Haveli & Palace
The Park Hotel Chennai
Star TV- Amitabh Bachchan -KBC 2002
Omega- Mr. Shah Rukh Khan


Every group of collective teamwork must establish its identity through a logo, a vision statement or a well-designed uniform. Invented in the allure of war, the uniform came into existence well before the invention of chopsticks!


Unifying everyone by offering a unique singularity, it offers a chance to make people perform on equal platforms, with an inherent constructive and competitive streak.


The British used this simple concept to better rule, creating a palatable hierarchy through uniform segregation and integration, at the very core of the social fibre. They managed to harness the power of homogenisation through the good design of uniforms -- almost like a new religion, where all were equal and ranked by virtue of performance, intelligence and other measurable qualities.

They mixed the uniform design with highly desirable accessories such as badges, medals, gun salutes and created the mass desire for upgrades, and waited patiently for the conversions to happen.



Today, a uniform does not mean people wearing similar clothes only -- it has a bit more to do with recall value. You or your team can impress clients with a few marketing tricks, but what the client will remember (and surely compare sooner or later) is the same experience elsewhere as an overall experience, mainly recalling the human contact, service, importance given to him or her and, most importantly, the visible familiarity and lack of visual hostility.



Businesses and corporations can cleverly build a brand through good uniform design and use it as an extension of an effective marketing strategy, while creating a recall value for the customer through well planned, optimised visual appeal. Additionally, for team members and co-workers, it is a constant reminder of their cohesiveness and camaraderie.


The services sector has a crucial interplay with the masses and hence a fantastic design that conveys the message of the company, is required along with a practical, durable design that does not hinder functionality.




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