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The vision that Raghavendra Rathore had set for himself and his brand was unique to begin with, the Rathore design house has over the last 20 years, addressed design as a whole and not just focused on building a fashion brand- a holistic approach to build exquisite and unique products which relate to design in our everyday life.


Designing special software is an idea that too has been on the design house’s business plan for some time. With the introduction of the iPhone to the Indian market, it was evident that the time for designing high end software applications was here. The stylized interface that the iPhone provides gives the designer the playing field for creativity to connect with technology easily. Imaginative concepts and unique ideas conceived in the mind of a brilliant team can have fantastic output.


The first utility program being launched by this new initiative is a program called iCarbon. The software can be downloaded from the Apple iTune store on the web for 0.99 cents, directly to your iPhone. It principally helps you calculate your individual carbon footprint. It then offers solutions and methods to reduce the abuse on the environment.


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