4 Style Trends That Break the Rules

If you’ve ever flicked through a magazine or looked up fashion content online, chances are you’ve been told that there are strict fashion rules that we must live by. And truthfully no one in the industry knows the exact origins of these many ‘rules’. They could’ve been words said or criticisms made by famous fashion critics in the past (like Eleanor Lambert, Richard Blackwell or the one and only Joan Rivers) but in today’s already monotonous world, these rules are doing nothing more than hindering us from exploring and creating our own personal style. If you’ve been playing it safe all along, perhaps now is the time to venture out and break the fashion norm. Intrigued? Read on:

• One colour to rule it all, the monochromatic way | What is monochrome, you ask? It’s wearing your entire outfit in one single hue! Though many fashion critics have previously labelled this style as boring, lazy or outright bland (especially for menswear) this no-go rule can be a sensational statement when styled to perfection. The key to adding an alternative edge to a monochromatic look is by combining different textures or prints while staying true to the one colour palette.

• Wear linen even when summer’s over | Linen aren’t exclusively reserved only for the summer. This breathable and lightweight fabric can be worn all year round and comes in especially handy during travels as they look best when it is beautifully crumpled. What’s more, linen looks impeccable whenever it is layered for those colder days/months. I know what you’re thinking. But linen is a natural insulator so they would naturally retain heat — keeping its wearer nice and warm. Take a peak at our linen waistcoats for some light and stylish travel picks.

• Blue suits for every occasion | Here’s a fashion myth for you: blue suits are for work, business, formal affairs and well, the office. Contrary to popular fashion beliefs blue suits are playful, bold and incredibly lively. Whether you’re headed to your next date night or to a cocktail party… rock a full blue suit like our Azuri Prince Bandhgala Suit.

• Recycle outfits and wear the classics | Perhaps one of the biggest fashion no-no’s in mainstream media is the belief that not one outfit should ever be worn twice. And we say, why not? Timeless looks such as a good jacket + crisp shirt + smart pants combo are always a classic stunner (for good reasons) and they can/should be easily adopted as your signature look. Good, solid tailoring goes a lot further than dabbling in seasonal trends.