5 Rules of Putting Together a Dapper Waistcoat Look

Classy, regal and fashionable, waistcoats can transcend occasions and will always stand out amongst the crowd. A true, go-to attire for the urban man, its adds to the dapper look and pristine demeanor tact ones with this wardrobe must have. Amongst other mens designer clothes, waistcoat is the one that makes a man of any age and physique, look well-dressed.

Here are 5 ways to make sure you get this classy menswear look perfect -

1. Tailored - Fit is everything- An ill fitted waistcoat can prove to be a major fashion faux-pas. Make the waistcoat fall perfectly by going the bespoke way and getting it tailored to your measurements.

2. Balance it out - When styling a waistcoat for occasion or casual wear be it a mehendi function or a Sunday brunch with the friends, exercise moderation. It is a statement outfit, let it stand out! If you are going for a textured, vibrant piece, make sure to balance it out with a neutral shirt and trousers.

3. Old is gold - Waistcoat has been a legacy here at RR. Rediscover these designer dresses for men with time tested patterns and combinations. When in doubt opt for solids.

4. Fabric is key - Fabric is key in couture. Clothes especially wedding clothes for men are available in varied textile choices. From hand spun khaki to the plush velvet, there are choices for cocktail party menswear, evening soirees, and the main day. Keep this in mind when choosing one for yourself. Different fabrics like silk, tweed, cotton, velvet et al have different aesthetic feel and fall. Try out a few samples before zeroing in on one. Separate your casuals from your occasion wear. Cottons, linen and other natural blends work great for causal wear. Pair these with denims and a classic shirt and for weddings, go for rich choices like silk, velvet and embroidered variants.

5. The wedding staple - One of the most revered wedding outfits for men, waistcoats work wonders for weddings. Our advice? Always go for bespoke wear. Invest time in selecting the right fabric and cut top meet your measurements.

Never overlook the minor details. Here's a brownie tip - always leave the last button undone to make your look at ease and statement.