7 Types of Shirt Every Man Should Own

A man’s shirt is the most essential ingredient when it comes to defining his own personal flair. It is the most versatile piece of clothing that can be styled in so many ways to emulate a fresh look each wear. Whether it’s for daytime, smart casual or evening occasions, it can all be derivatively styled with an elementary piece of clothing that is: the shirt. Listed below are a few variations of shirts redefined to make each one distinctly appealing in its own way.

1. Classic white shirt

A century-old staple amongst men, the classic white shirt is the absolute essential piece of clothing in any gentleman’s closet. Its timelessness and versatility are a testament to its enduring appeal for constant reinvention. This garment remains as the most quintessential garment in any modern gentleman’s books. Crisp, iconic and well-tailored… there’s really very little that won’t go well with it. The classic white shirt is championed by stars like David Beckham, Eddie Redmayne and Tom Hiddleston!

2. Oxford button-down shirt

This menswear staple has a recognisable marled look that’s seeped in sartorial heritage. Favoured for its lightweight cotton materials and clean cuts, the Oxford shirt has transcended through the decades and remains as popular as ever with its unmistakable button-down collar. The Oxford shirt is most notably paired to inject a hint of minimal casualness to any attire while still boasting comfort and class. It’s no wonder why Ryan Gosling favours the Oxford over anything else.

3. Printed shirt

Prints are a maximalist’s most perfect way to make a fashion statement and is one of the most eye-catching pieces of clothing in a man’s wardrobe. Long-time maximalist stars like Harry Styles, Lewis Hamilton and Tan France have long opted for printed shirts as they have a big, bold and brash way of adding instant individuality. While printed shirts are nothing new, today’s prints have evolved since Hawaiian styles to taking inspirations from geometric, abstract or themed elements – making for cooler, more eccentric motifs.

4. Striped shirt

Stripes are an effortless way to add an extra element of colour and detail to one’s attire. They can be worn comfortably as daywear or evening wear and is even versatile enough to be paired with a suit. Understatedly stylish, stripes are the modern gentleman’s refreshingly subtle way to add flair to the classics.

5. Jodhpur (band) collared shirt

The band collared shirt is reminiscent of old-world Indian style. Its distinctive standing collars are increasingly popular across the globe as they are seen as an unconventional yet dapper alternative to formal attire. Jodhpur shirts can be layered underneath a casual sweater for a more daytime feel or paired with a Bandhgala jacket for a poised, regal look that’s sure to score more points than the Tux – Nick Jonas certainly looked dashing wearing one!

6. French cuff shirt

Also known as the foldback, turnback or double cuff, the French cuff shirt is a symbol of class and has gained recognition throughout history with its contemporary appeal. The details present in a French cuff elevates any gentleman’s attire with its accent points, radiating both elegance and taste.

7. Outdoor shirt (safari pocket shirt)

The modern safari shirt is a reworked, stylish alternative that’s smart, casual and functional. Inspired by safari jackets worn by the likes of Ernest Hemmingway, Prince Charles and Sir David Attenborough, the outdoor shirt features pleated pockets and military inspired epaulettes. The modern version of the shirt cuts a masculine silhouette to its wearer and is undoubtedly the sartorial choice for the fashion-forward.