A Guide to Creating Your Own Personal Style

Defining your own personal style can seem confusing and maybe even intimidating but with the right guiding steps, finding and creating your own personal style can be as simple as ABC. For those of you looking to find or refine your signature style for the coming new year, look no further than these six steps to guide you. Here’s to welcoming the new year with a refreshed and more stylish you!

Step 1: Visualise your style | Create a detailed mood board from various fashion images and platforms to visualise all the looks that you love – pin it on Pinterest, bookmark it on Instagram or do it old-school and cut away on your fashion magazines!

Step 2: Edit and declutter your wardrobe | As a general rule, it’s always best to first take inventory of what you already have to avoid buying repeats. So take note of every item you own and separate them accordingly into either a) the keep pile or b) the sell/donate pile. The key thing to remember here is that you are editing your wardrobe and slowly building a selection of clothes that can be styled together.

Step 3: Build up your wardrobe with basics and investment pieces | Once you’ve worked out what’s in your closet then it’s time to fill the gaps with basics and investment pieces. Buying clothes that complement what you already own will effortlessly help you build a wide selection from a strong foundation.

Step 4: Choose timelessness over what’s trendy | Personal style is all about creating and presenting an everyday look that’s distinctively you. So although there is no harm in experimenting with trendy or seasonal pieces, purchases that are not influenced by what’s fashionable or on-trend are often the best items for you and your wardrobe.

Step 5: Understand your wardrobe and find a signature item | Every stylish individual has got their own signature item. Whether it’s an accessory, colour or a particular styling trick, find one that’s unique to you and go with it. Think Anna Wintour with her sunglasses or David Gandy with his classic, formal wear.

Step 6: Recognise what works for your body and your lifestyle | The perfect wardrobe should constantly be reworked and adjusted accordingly. In other words, your wardrobe should be appropriate for your working environment, overall lifestyle, location, and etcetera. Understanding what works for you will ensure that you’re creating a style that’s comfortable, confident and one that will last for a lifetime.