Achkan -With and Without Embroidery


The Indian fashion sphere has undergone tremendous growth and transformation over the years. But despite the many appealing trends and garments emerging, more traditional designs like the achkan remains as popular as ever. According to varying reports, contemporary consumers are increasingly favouring the achkan thanks to Bollywood celebrities like Saif Ali Khan reigniting the appreciation for all things traditional. Khan's custom wedding achkan made by our very own Raghavendra Rathore proved to be a global inspiration and dominated much of 2012. Seven years on, this classic statement piece is still continuing its rise to mainstream fashion and culture.

As one of Rathore's very best signature designs, the Raghavendra Rathore achkan suit makes a splendid style statement for every occasion. The achkans made in Rathore's atelier are thoughtfully designed to accentuate and find the perfect harmony of balance in proportions – allowing its wearers to be more stylish in every sense, every time it's worn! Explore Rathore's range of achkans and discover your next new favourite.

With embroidery:

Achkans with embroideries are a dazzling display of careful and meticulous handiwork set to inspire even the most stylish of individuals. The embroidery work on an achkan such as Raghavendra Rathore 's Gold Duchess Lace Embroidered Achkan makes for a stunning and immaculate projection of power and tradition dipped in gold. Each embroidered piece is bound to bring out your inner sartorialist while projecting confidence and an air of regality. The boldness of an embroidered achkan is best paired with simple Jodhpuri pants to allow the rich design to speak volumes.

Without embroidery:

Sometimes a classic minimalist piece works best. If that's more suited for your style, then look no further than at the simple but sharply tailored achkan suits such as Raghavendra Rathore 's Driftwood Achkan. The classic, unembellished achkans like the Driftwood crafted in the most versatile brown makes for an understatedly graceful statement piece. This minimally glamorous achkan is a perfect fit for individuals looking to score a versatile yet traditional piece of garment. With this clothing, the styling options are varied: keep the achkan open for a more relaxed, casual daytime feel or closed for a more traditional look best suited for formal events. To dress up the outfit, simply opt to pair the achkan with rings or a designer watch.

Whether you prefer the embellished or the unembellished version, the achkan promises its wearers a highly bespoke feel and global fashion appeal. Pick your preference according to taste!