Bandhgala - the Royal Outfit

Often referred to as the prince coat, a Bandhgala has now become a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. The fact that it can be worn to any occasion makes it a wardrobe intrinsic. Whether it’s a wedding soiree or a formal dinner, a sense of sophistication is guaranteed. The ultimate benefit of owning a Bandhgala is that it can flatter any body type and promises a royal look.

Best worn with yellow buttons a customise pocket scarf the Bandhgala jacket is the epic tome of Asian style. It has managed to position itself as an ultimate formal attire and equally and informal casual jacket that can be paired with denims. .

Worn by royalty & nobility over generations, this timeless classic is now a global fashion statement of elegant class & dapper style.


To achieve the original look of a Bandhgala, one needs to be extremely particular about getting the right cut & fit. It should be cut high on the armhole while the jacket should fit like a glove around the chest. This tailored look lends it a modern edge. It should always be like a second skin.
The length is ideally dictated by the body type. But as a general rule to follow, the length should end just at the root of the thumb while the arms rest against the body. Too long or too short with a boxy unstructured look will kill the purpose of the well-cut jacket.
Wearing a white band collar shirt is the norm or what was dictated. However, due to its versatility, the jacket seems to have created an edge to experiment with different colours and cuts. The custom-made Raghavendra Rathore Jodhpuri Bandhgala shirt offers the ideal pairing with the patented Jodhpuri Bandhgala. The customised button-down RR shirt comes with a special yet subtle detailing on the cuff and collar.


A traditional version of the Bandhgala jacket is designed usually for weddings and revelry. While traditionally Bandhgalas have been buttoned up, the styling of the Rathore Bandhgala has always maintained that the first two buttons ought to be open — it is the standard we follow. This trademark look from the brand has now become a standard for most wearers and works wonderfully well when cravats and scarves are to be paired with the outfit.
Keep the Bandhgala suit colour dark, preferably black and add colour by way of your accessories like cuff links and pocket squares. Make sure they are all colour-coordinated though. Wearing cufflinks is an individual choice, and naturally depends on the occasion.
Fine leather shoes and leather belt in a complementary colour are needed to top off the look.
Opt for jewelled buttons and subtle and understated antique tone-on-tone embroideries on the collar and cuffs when getting your Bandhgala tailored for a dressy occasion. Alternatively, an all-over embroidered one is a good option too. 


A formal bandhgala jacket is ideal for sober evenings. It is usually made of cashmere, wool, or matka silk. Now, apart from lightweight woolen fabrics like tropical wool, marina wool and terry wool, some of which are lighter than cotton, bandhgalas are also made in linen, Irish linen, cotton chino and silk. The bandhgala has an unmatched quality when made in fine Italian suiting fabric.
The ability to combine the bandhgala with the choice of your clothing, including denims, completely depends on your ability to style yourself as per your character.