Bollywood Spirit & St. Moritz: Modern Wedding Choices

The wedding industry is arguably one of the largest and most dynamic commerce due to the constant change in tastes and culture. If you take a look around you and your social calendar you’ll find that simple wedding ceremony is now the exception, not the norm. Instead, wedding attendees, event planners, industry experts and even trend forecasters have all noticed a significant shift toward spectacles of celebrations for this joyous affair. The origins of the glamorous evolution of weddings can, of course, be traced back to India and Bollywood’s influences. Their mutual love and appreciation for all things sentimental and dramatic have sparked a whole new wedding psyche in young, modern couples across the globe; with the very latest trend being destination weddings and a cultural confluence of styles as the dress code. 

Out of the many popular destinations for wedding celebrations this year is St. Moritz, a luxurious ski resort with the best scenery and outdoor playground that nature has to offer. This Alpine paradise is said to be the perfect setting for the most romantic winter getaway. What’s more, getting there alone is a one-of-a-kind experience as it is only accessible via private jets or helicopter transfers. The glitz and glamour offered by wedding destinations like St. Moritz resonate well with a global audience but especially with those who live for the larger than life sensibilities as seen in Bollywood. Combine that along with the allure of globalised culture and exclusivity, it's easy to understand why more and more happy couples haven taken them on. 

When it comes to the dress code, the race to live well has sparked a revolution for bride and grooms to evolve beyond the average wedding styles. Bollywood's fabulous clothes have influenced modern couples across the globe to choose sartorial looks for their big day. Of course, sartorial styles and the bandhgala goes hand in hand so it won't come to a surprise that the regal bandhgala is an increasing favourite for its fusion of silhouettes, the element of reusability and for its diversity. As the perfect merge of what's contemporary and traditional, the bandhgala has even inspired many modern brides to opt for intricately tailored women's bandhgala paired with elegant organza skirts or lehengas. 

Simply put, the Bollywood renaissance really is well and truly alive!