Contemporary Elegant Womenswear with Rathore

Perhaps now more than ever, timeless cuts and considered designs are having an utterance of the moment.

At the Raghavendra Rathore Atelier, womenswear gets its own bespoke spin, as the brand effortlessly reinvents classic with touches of heritage and an impulsive edgy twist. Just picture this: a classic silhouette reworked for the female figure… a look so pristine and stylish it’ll resonate for seasons to come. A signature womenswear wardrobe as sharp and elegant as those who wear them… yes, it’s the signature Bandhgala reinvented for women.

Much like the men’s collection, our elegant womenswear capsule features altered proportions constructed with traditional detailed tailoring that are handcrafted to perfection. Each piece boasts Rathore’s signature sharp cuts and contemporary regal elegance that comes with exquisite embellishments. What’s more, individuality is at the heart of every womenswear design at Rathore’s. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details for all things luxury so customisation and key accentuation are given an extra emphasis to create that alluring appeal.

Embrace luxury elegance in the Mandana work inspired Bandhgala Jacket paired with a tunic and boot cut pants. Explore the harmonies of vivid silhouettes and rich fabrics in this power combination. The revival of the classic Bandhgala reconfigured for feminine proportions are a beautiful instance of a delicately balanced feminine-masculine essence of ritzy power. It’s perfect for both day and night, no matter the occasion.

And if skirts resonate more with you, then why not discover the Gaadi Masand Bandhgala Jacket paired with a breathtakingly gorgeous organza skirt. Hand-embellished with intricate gold motifs, this lavish look is both an ode to traditional Indian designs and a perfect embodiment of feminine sensibility in the contemporary world. The Gaadi Masand Bandhgala is a charismatic cornerstone of modern dressing that’s sure to make an impression.

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