How to Look Dapper with Heritage Clothing

Navigating the world of menswear and wondering what ‘heritage clothing’ is all about? In the simplest terms, heritage clothing are designs with a living history. They are essential pieces and recurring staples that have withstood the test of time. They are designs that are simply contemporary no matter the time, day or year. Still confused? Think Peaky Blinders or Prince Charles and there you have it… the irresistible heritage charm. From flannels and flat caps to boots and oversized coats, nailing that effortless style is much easier to achieve than first thought.

  • Outerwear

When it comes to outerwear, whether a jacket or coat, heritage style dictates a tailored fit and streamlined silhouette to bring elegance to its wearer. More importantly, it must also be made out of materials and fabrics strong enough to withstand gusts of wind. Heritage outerwear is not only practical and attractive, but they can most certainly elevate just about anyone’s style.

Pair an open Florentine Plus Bandhgala Jacket (note: currently blue solid bandhgala jacket) with a basic white shirt, the modern touch of cropped trousers and Jodhpur boots for an outfit that even Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) will be jealous of!

  • Shirts

Maximise that heritage charm with unusual but spectacular collared shirts in your everyday outfit. Take cues from the many stylish Peaky Blinder characters and ditch the traditional collar for unique styles like a club collar, standing collar, pinned collar or a wing tip (tuxedo). The key to achieving heritage grandeur with a shirt is to opt for smaller collars that will subtly refine your look.

Style the pinstripe shirt fully-buttoned for a grander and more formal effect or with a few buttons undone for a relaxed look that’s perfect for those long weekends.

  • Trousers

Though the classic style is to wear wide-legged, tapered trousers preferably in wool, tweed or hopsack, the contemporary heritage version is to wear raw denim or any cropped and tapered trousers. To achieve a great heritage inspired look every time, always pair your raw denim or cropped and tapered trousers with a pair of ankle boots.

Feeling adventurous? Crop and wear the Walnut Handcrafted Jodhpur Breeches (note: currently handcrafted jodhpur breeches) with plain white collared shirt of your choice, throw on a woolen coat and step out with some solid Jodhpur boots to score a perfect 10!