How to Put a Bandhgala Together | 7 Style Rules to Consider

A Classic Bandhgala is a definitive must-have in any modern gentleman’s wardrobe. As the perfect fuse between the modern and the traditional, the global and the personal… the Raghavendra Rathore Jodhpur Bandhgala is luxuriously versatile no matter the time or day. Just ask any true sartorialists and you’ll know: if there’s any type of suit that will rise to the occasion, it’ll be the Bandhgala. And when it comes down to it, here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to donning the threads of royalty.

• The first rule of thumb for classy #RathoreMen when it comes to wearing the bandhgala is that it should always be worn with the first two buttons open — no exceptions!

• Given the first rule, always consider styling the bandhgala jacket with a neck cravat or a scarf to complete the look…

• … But if cravats and scarves are not your cup of tea then consider keeping it simple but sleek by pairing your bandhgala with a band collared shirt or a tailored bandhgala collared shirt designed especially for you. Browse our range of mens’ shirts to get inspired. Our personal styling favourite is the Italian Amber Pinstripe Shirt as it is just the perfect peek of colour needed.

• When styling a full bandhgala suit like the Milano Chambray Bandhgala, simply forgo wearing any belts to avoid causing impressions on the outside. Lesson from RR: a precisely crafted and carefully tailored bandhgala will fit snuggly to follow the contours of your body, meaning that belts shouldn’t be necessary anyways.

• For those wanting more styling additions can consider having a single or even a double vent at the back of the bandhgala jacket.

• The best, most dapper way to style a bandhgala suit is with delicately designed pocket squares — have fun mixing, matching and contrasting textures and prints to suit your taste and the occasion! Sleeve buttons could be 3 or 4

• And finally, the last rule to keep in mind when putting a bandhgala together is to never tuck in the Single or double welt pocket flaps on any bandhgala jacket as it should always be out.