Jodhpur’s Legacy !

Marwar’s favorite son’s, the Rathore’s, have always been analogous with valor, sacrifice, honor… all virtues symbolic of their lands historical wealth & vibrant culture. When the sands of time had finally soothed its war-ravaged soul & their fatherland was well on the road to healing, a new dawn arose. This dawn placed Jodhpur, the state capital, on the world map. The blue blooded way of life embodied a spirit that became a lifestyle statement. While forts & palaces did their bit by reflecting a glorious past & stamped Jodpur’s royal identity, polo, horse-riding & hunting, perfect substitutes to war for the ever-restless Rathore’s, defined its character & branded its personality.

Brand ‘Raghavendra Rathore’ symbolizes this very joie de verve of the designer’s bloodline through his mastery in the world of heritage fashion. If Jodhpur’s legacy holds the credit for its sparkling global profile, “Raghavendra Rathore” is the reason behind its sartorial kinship with international couture.

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Back in the day when swashbuckling sport & a royal lifestyle combined to weave out a dashing dress-code suitable for both formal as well as outdoor life, a little versatility & innovation gave birth to some extremely interesting garb. ‘The Bandgala’ (aka Jodhpuri coat) & ‘The Jodhpur Breeches’ (‘birches’ to the ‘natives’ even to this day) were two legendary garments that bolted out of the Jodhpur ‘stables’ & eventually ‘galloped’ on to adorn the international fashion scene. The renovated ‘Bandgala’ from ‘Rathore’, the Mecca of this bespoke jacket, is an epitome of regal flamboyance & the perfect combination of traditional elegance & contemporary chic. The ‘Rathore-look’ changed the very character of this almost forgotten ‘Indian coat’ & embellished it with a new personality. Now, along with its pedigree, the ‘Bandgala’ brandishes classic elegance reminiscent of blue-blooded flair..

Similarly, the Jodhpur Breeches (aka ‘Jodhpurs’ the world over) were adapted from the then existing designs of English breeches that ended at mid-calf & hence, required to be paired with high riding boots. Reconstructed to enhance riding comfort, ‘Jodhpurs” were more flared above the knee, went all the way to the ankles (ankle length or ordinary shoes could now be worn), & had reinforced fabric protecting the inner leg from rubbing against the horse’s side & stirrup leathers. It was in this new avatar, perfected & tailored in the late 19th century in the land whose name they bear to this day, that the ‘Jodhpur Breeches” became an international rage. .