Reviving Dhansa: Ode to Jodhpur's Rich Legacy

RRJ Bandhgala

Dhansa is a once-forgotten technique of garment craftsmanship that is experiencing a resurgence in the world of fashion and design. Rooted in cultural traditions, Dhansa is a skilful method of fabric embellishment and textile artistry. This ancient technique, known for its intricate and elaborate designs, involves the creation of beautiful patterns and motifs on fabrics through meticulous hand embroidery and hand-stitching that narrate stories of the region's history and culture

This technique incorporates a wide array of materials, including threads of varying colours, beads, sequins, and sometimes even semi-precious stones, resulting in garments that are true works of art. These embellishments are not only visually striking but also carry cultural significance, often reflecting the heritage and identity of the artisan's community.

Black Waistcoat

This resplendent technique, intrinsic to Jodhpur's cultural tapestry, has found a new home in Raghavendra Rathore Jodhpur’s collections, encapsulating the brand's commitment to preserving traditions while embracing contemporary fashion. Whether it's a Dhansa-embroidered kurta or even a classic bandhgala jacket, each piece tells a story of Jodhpur's past while staying relevant in the present.

The brand's commitment to rekindling Dhansa is not merely a nod to tradition but a tribute to the artisans who have kept this craft alive. The brand has taken Dhansa from being a fading memory to a fashion statement that showcases the city's history and its artisans' exceptional skills.

Grey Waistcoat

The revival of Dhansa embroidery is not just a fashion trend but a testament to the enduring legacy of Jodhpur. The brand continues to be a torchbearer of cultural preservation, demonstrating that fashion can be a bridge connecting the past with the present. As you explore their collections, you'll not only see exquisite garments but also feel the resonance of Jodhpur's rich heritage in each thread and stitch.