Simplify Your Wardrobe with Timeless Menswear

In recent years, the concept of minimalist living has seen an exponential rise thanks to Nordic and Japanese influences. The minimalist movement is all about simplified aesthetics, timelessness and more importantly, an emphasis on quality over quantity.

The translation of minimalism in fashion equates to building an interchangeable capsule wardrobe that focuses on individuality and is one that outlasts fleeting trends. Dedicated minimalists strive to own as little as possible as they believe in the fewer, the better and frankly, they're not wrong.

Besides the environmental benefits to consuming less, minimalist living allows for the enjoyment of few but excellent and well-made goods. Who wouldn't want timeless, practical and effortless designs that are worthy to be passed down for generations to come?

Whether you're looking to learn more or simply just curious, here's how you can simplify your wardrobe, shift your lifestyle and go back to time-tested classics.

Phase 1: identify your staples.

Find out what you actually wear on a daily basis, pinpoint a style unique to you, negate trends and start reorganising your closet. Separate your clothes into two simple categories: the keep pile and the donate/sell pile. The keep pile should consist of well-made clothes you've actually worn and love - not clothes that you may wear in the future. The donate/sell pile on the other hand, should consist of everything else that does not fit in the first category.

Phase 2: build your personalised capsule wardrobe.

Capsule wardrobe is a term made popular by Susie Faux in the 1970s and is a concept of having a collection of clothes that fit with ease when matched with one another. Menswear-wise, a capsule wardrobe should consist of classic, versatile and interchangeable staples tailored to your own personal style. Think neutral colours, basic pieces and more importantly, well-made and high-quality designs.

Phase 3: invest in yourself and your style.

Invest in higher quality clothes, especially items that you'll be wearing on multiple instances like jackets and shirts. It's simple fashion maths. It's all down to the cost-per-wear equation (price of an item divided by how many times it'll be worn). It's the main reason why consumers throughout history have always opted for luxury pieces whenever possible simply because they have higher durability and longevity. It pays to invest!

Phase 4: keep an open mind and allow your style to evolve.

The wonderful thing about fashion is that it's fun and it should always remain that way even with a new shift in perspective. Relish in the benefits of simplifying your wardrobe and enjoy your newfound appreciation in luxury items.