Sneak Peak Into What Took Inspiration from the Jodhpur Flying Club

Is it a bird or is it a plane? Before Superman took the famous quote, incredible minds like Leonardo Da Vinci dreamt for the power of flight in 15th century Italy. Five centuries later, that dream was made possible after the Wright brothers invented the modern aircrafts in the United States. Over in Jodhpur, India this week, the Sun City gears up to celebrate its own 87 glorious years of its aviation history. And it wouldn’t have been possible if not for the former ruler Maharaja Umaid Singh’s passion for flight.

As an Air Vice Marshal and avid flyer, Maharaja Umaid Singh pioneered a movement for Indian aviation and founded a club that was the first of its kind. The maharaja established a landing ground back in 1924 near the Chittar Palace and the royal flying club was aptly named The Jodhpur Flying Club. It was later in 1931 when the club had their very first take-off.

By 1938 the Jodhpur Flying Club had progressed to be at the forefront of civil aviation in the country. During the Second World War, the club was even used as the primary trainer for the Royal Air Force and remains as one of India’s premier military bases at present times. Today, the club boasts one of the most competent air bases in all of South East Asia! It’s truly remarkable to know that the lavish legacy of Jodhpur’s Flying Club began humbly with just two Tiger Moth aircrafts, putting Jodhpur on the global flying map.

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