The Arrival of Bespoke Women’s Wear

When you think of the word 'bespoke', tailoring often comes to mind. A tailored suit - whether a jacket, suit pants or a dress shirt - is the best representation of personalised clothing that's made especially for the wearer. Some say that nothing more is as luxurious as made-to-wear pieces and up until now, that luxury has been largely exclusive to men.

Rewinding to the humble beginnings of the Raghavendra Rathore brand, around 24 years ago to tailor womenswear and menswear Bandhgala jackets out of a small quaint studio, it is so encouraging to see that women are accepting the Bandhgala again…

Then in 1994 the Indian model, Meher Bhasin, walked down a runway of a fashion show in a 1200-year-old fort in Jodhpur, wearing a beige version of this Bandhgala jacket paired with Jodhpur breeches. The jacket was sharply tailored and fitted her like a glove, it had two satin princess panels on either sides. As she descended down the stairs in the Zenana section of the magnificent fort, it was the first-time audiences in India, witnessed the profound impact of a tailored Bandhgala. This was the tipping point, and a perfect place to start the story of our brand. Since then, the Bandhgala has become synonymous with the Raghavendra Rathore Jodhpur label.. With then to now, it has been like coming full circle, as the brand presents it’s womenswear as well as menswear, with the new collection , An Ode to the Bandhgala.

From a womens wear customer point of view, it is the lure of a bespoke tailored brand which understands their orientation and is able to curate their lifestyle requirements. Clothes are generally tailored silhouettes on the top which are then flared at the bottom or often combined with pencil slim pants. The profile and the shape is emulated across the seasons with variation in colors and accessories.

The essential aesthetics of the bespoke women’s wear collection are similar to the men's. Both wardrobes seek to create a sense of style outside the cycle of fashion weeks while favouring craftsmanship, quality and global panache to create clothes with timeless appeal. Rathore's unique approach to women's wear gives a truly regal twist to heritage clothing. Classic elegance has never been this well made.

Find your inner sartorialist and allow your clothes to represent you authentically. Experience the new luxury with Raghavendra Rathore’s women’s wear.