The Fashion Story of a Shared Vision – A Nizam and an Indian Designer Brand

This is a story of a Nizam, most splendid of all, who once reigned over the city of Hyderabad and of a designer brand conceived years later, with an intent to continue the legacy, the Nizam started.

Once upon a time, in the city of Hyderabad, a prince was born, who one day will come to be known as the Nizam who never repeated an attire. His intent to encouraging crafts, handloom fabrics and the meticulous nature of Hyderabadi tailoring, came alive through his scintillating wardrobe that complemented his jewels.

More than a hundred years later, in the city of Jodhpur, a brand sediment of vision to popularise the heritage through fashion and to keep the legacy of the Nizam at peak.

The Sixth Nizam of Hyderabad, Mahbub Ali Khan, who became a King at the innocent age of three. Born in a time when the British Raj was gaining momentum in India, the Nizam’s upbringing was a combination of the English and the Indian culture. Tutored by the best English teachers and adorned by some of the best English tailors, the Nizam lovingly known as Mahbub Ali Pasha, had developed the taste for all good things in life.

In another time, an Indian designer brand was being seeded, under the aegis of the Jodhpur royal landscape, in a dusty city of Rajasthan.

Imbibing ethos and ideals from our heritage, the culture of our people, and the traditions of diverse tribes and communities. The brand inspired and mentored in New York City, yet evocative of Indian roots and regalia, took the fashion world by surprise as it provided new wardrobe solutions for the modern Indian man of today.

The cultivation of rich Indian culture and heritage with the influence of the West, the Nizam Mahbub Ali Pasha and the designer brand Raghavendra Rathore Jodhpur, personified a unification of cultures and traditions. 

Their stories cross paths with their vision to sustain their Indian heritage and culture through fashion. Evolving it with time and amalgamating it with western elements, preserving their Indian heritage by making its impression on the global fashion map.

A story set in different eras, a story of two different times but with a common vision. How it all did began and how did they leave a footprint on the lifestyle world?

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