Top 10 Men's Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

Making the right sartorial choices is never easy. While we all have an individual style and aim for a personalized look, there are fundamentals that we can abide by to make sure we never miss the mark! Here are some basic do’s and don’ts for men’s fashion -

1. Own at least one bespoke item of clothing

Suits, Shirts, Bandhgalas or trousers, any garment tailored to your measurements fits like a glove and there is nothing more satisfying than having that perfect fall of the garment especially made for you. Here at RR, we offer wardrobe solutions designed specifically for you. See here -

2. Invest in accessories

Dressing up today is more than just about the clothing. Accents like pocket squares, belts, handcrafted shoes et al add value to the look and exude a confident sartorial choice.

3. Know your shoes

It has always been said that a man is known by his shoes. Invest in footwear that would elevate your style quotient. Know which pair looks good with what silhouette and never be afraid to experiment!

4. Dress for the occasion

Personalize your style but dress according to the occasion. Know your audience! If you are dressing for a Sunday brunch include a quirky shirt in your look that may otherwise not be the perfect pick for a formal set up. Here are a few options for you for summer style-

5. Get inspired

Dressing up is about knowing your roots and yet getting inspired from around the world, be it with art, movie or an image! Even here at RR, we bring the traditional clothing alive with a contemporary touch to craft collections that are individualistic and innovative.

6. Avoid mass-produced goods

Big retail chains are often sought after as the brands but if you are looking to truly find your style then go for bespoke wear or one of a kind pieces. Shopping from retail chains may lead to twinning with friends, relative or even strangers! Be unique.

7. Do not worry about trends


A lot of urban wear today is crafted as per trend reports. Do not add something to your wardrobe just because it is trending. Find what resonates with you.

8. Not everything has to be color coordinated

Do not fuss about color coordinating everything, from your shoes to your belt to your shirt.

9. Black shoes DO NOT go with everything

We have all grown up with the idea that black shoes go with everything but it’s not true! Pick a pair that would complement your look. Soft browns, tans, and even casual dock shoes can work great depending on what look you are going for.

10. Never worry

Dressing up is fun. Do not take it too seriously. Explore and experiment and try new things. There is nothing more boring than not reinventing yourself. Begin your journey into reinventing your wardrobe with our made to order services. Link -