Travel Tips: The Essential Dapper Man's Guide to Packing Right

There's nothing more exciting than escaping the daily humdrum of life and going on your next adventure. Even if it's just a weekend getaway somewhere nearby, up your fashion game and become a stylish traveller with this handy packing guide. Here's all the items you will need to dress smarter and pack better on your next holiday - especially curated from us to you!

First things first, focus on the essentials. These are the items that you must pack and they consist of:

• Collared or dress shirts

• Basic neutral tees

• Trousers

• Derby shoes

• Well-tailored blazer

• Dress socks

• Plain white tennis shoes

• Chino shorts

• Undergarments

• Your favourite watch

• A belt

• Sleepwear

• Toiletries

• Electronics

• Laundry bag

If you’re unsure of what or how to wear these items, then here's two tried-and-tested outfit looks from clothes within the essential list:

1. Pair a buttoned up collared shirt with trousers, dress socks and derby shoes OR wear it sleeves rolled, paired with chino shorts and plain white tennis shoes for that classic gentleman look. You may also accessorise with your favourite watch or belt according to mood.

2. Match basic neutral coloured tees with trousers and plain white tennis shoes for a minimally clean and dressed down feel. Score extra style points by pairing it with a well-tailored blazer and watch for a look that's perfect for dates or dinners!

And now it's time to consider extras if you have the luggage space. These are items that you may or may not want to pack but should consider in order to elevate your style even further.

For warmer weather, consider: linen wear, hats, sunglasses, boat shoes, suspenders, loafers as well as pocket squares.

For cooler weather, consider: hats, oversized scarves, Chelsea boots or chukka boots, ties, tie clips, cufflinks, denim jacket, cashmere sweaters, longline wool coat, pocket squares and leather loafers.

This list is not extensive and as with everything else, you'll have to adjust according to the season, occasion, length and type of stay. But for the most part, this packing guide will guarantee a clean, modern and effortlessly dapper feel.