Waistcoats - Pure Class & Comfort

The evolution of fashion has witnessed numerous fleeting trends, yet undoubtedly, the conventional waistcoat is one garment that has managed to retain its charm through decades and continues to be an indispensable element in the men’s wardrobe. From the 17th century to the 21st, waistcoats have been considered the perfect attire for occasions and rightly so! The fine, tailored cuts, snug fit, rich fabrics and complimentary colours, together exude savoir-faire and a certain charm when adorned.

A number of elements come into play while choosing the right waistcoat – from ensuring that the waistcoat and the blazer are the same material, to selecting earthy tones that do not take away from the rest of the attire. Seeking expert advice while picking out a component as integral as the waistcoat, is always an advantage. A sartorial fusion of Indo-western attires, the waistcoat traces its roots back to the British rule in India, which is when this definitive piece of clothing was adopted that blends perfectly with the archetypal Kurta-Pyjama or the quintessential Jodhpuri Bandhgala. Moreover, its diversity helps change the look and feel of the outfit, with flair and ease, depending on the event. Add it as a style statement to a traditional look or simply to add éclat and effortlessly define fashion and flamboyance.