Wardrobe Essentials: The Versatility of A White Shirt

No matter the gender, location or culture, well-curated wardrobes around the world have a few items in common when it comes to clothing. While many will debate over what is or isn't included in the essential's list due to their different range of dressing styles, no one will disagree that a simple white shirt takes the crown as the number one must-have for all. 

Now if you must ask, the reason why is simple. The white shirt, with its classic cut and simplicity, is a uniquely versatile item ideal for both men and women. The white shirt's long history of tailoring and connotations of all things luxurious effortlessly enhances the wearer's style. What's more, it is an item of clothing that can easily be dressed up, dressed down and even layered for the colder days. The timelessness and versatility on offer is unquestionably more stylish than any latest fashion trends

Here are some factors to consider to help you buy the perfect white shirt: 

Fabric | White shirts are typically available in fabrics like cotton, silk, linen and even mixed blends. Depending on the climate where you live, factors like temperature and humidity will need to be considered. For example, lightweight cotton is suited for warmer and more humid weathers while linen is suited for both warmer and cooler weather. Fun fact: it is a common misconception that linen is an exclusive summer fabric but, the same principle that makes it breathable also makes it a natural insulator. 

Fit & cut | The same rules for suits apply when it comes to the white shirt. This means that the shirt's fit can easily make or break the overall look. Choosing the right fit for you varies depending on the occasion and preference but the bottom line to remember is that it should feel just right. For instance, while tailored fitted shirts are best suited for more formal or work occasions, the fit itself should still be comfortable enough that it does not restrict movement. 

Shades of white | White shirts often come in varying shades of white and while personal preference largely dictates the choice of colours, the general consensus is that stark whites are for work and creamier whites are for everything else. And this is because stark whites contrast greatly against other colours while creamier whites are more complementary and more harmonious.