What No One Told You About the Bandhgala | Change the Way You Dress

An essential in the men’s wardrobe today, Bandhgala suit and Bandhgala jacket trace back their roots to the time when the British came to India. A crossover between a suit and the Achakans and Angarakha, this ‘prince coat’ found its voice as a go-to uniform for both formal and semi-formal events.

From being a royal costume to a must-have in the urban man’s wardrobe, the Bandhgala has truly changed the way men dress introducing and re-introducing them to a culture of bespoke wear, custom fits and traditional heritage clothing thus, saving us from the crushing wheels of fast and mass produced fashion!

A reminiscent of regalia, a favorite amongst the royals of Rajasthan, Bandhgalas are crisp and clean and their aesthetics are quite hot on the sartorial meter.

Radiating confidence with elan and a sense of regalia here’s all that you need to know about the Bandhagala -

  1. Its all about the fit - Cut and fit are the two fundamental pillars of men’s wear! Just like a suit piece or a crisp white shirt, a Bandhgala is all about the right fit. Opt for a bespoke design made to measure. Popularised by political leaders like Late Jawaharlal Nehru and Indian royalty, the Bandhgala continues to stay relevant even in todays’ times. A Bandhgala fits best when made to measure. While experimenting with the bandhgala, make sure you explore the various textile and silhouette options available.

  2. Versatile - If there is one outfit that works wonders for men’s Nine to Wine wardrobe it is the Bandhgala! Global, inclusive and yet comfortable, this silhouette has found a voice internationally. The urban man today resorts to this outfit time and again for both casual and occasion wear and it is this inclusivity that makes it a treasured piece of clothing! Style it with traditional jodhpurs pants or go casual by teaming it with denims, the possibilities are endless.

  3. You cant for wrong with it - Like the white shirt, you just can’t go wrong with a Bandhgala—unless, you choose to button it all the way to the top. It’s elegant, slimming, very Indian, and yet international in appeal.

  4. The epitome of local global - As the human conscious shifts towards finding oneself, the same is reflected in clothing today. In this journey of the self, there has been a paradigm shift towards clothing that is individual. Bandhgala revives the old world charm and a nostalgic journey of who we are and how far we have come. Bespoke clothing and homegrown labels be it handloom Kurtasjodhpurs suit or dapper Bandhgalas, are the epitome of local goodness with global appeal.