The Bandhgala for men is designed to work as an ideal example of a formal suit worn conventionally for evening dressing. The Jodhpuri jacket is the colloquial term used for the Bandhgala and the origins of it go back in time to mid-19th-20th century in the state of Jodhpur, India. Read More »
It evolved from a traditionally loose-fitting upper garment known as the Angarkha. As the story goes, the first variations of the Bandhgala were said to have appeared in the princely state of Jodhpur during Colonial India. It was during the rule of the Maharaja of Jodhpur, Sri Sardar Singh, when the classic Bandhgala style emerged as a fusion between the traditional and the contemporary style, at the time.

The Maharaja took the local Angarkha attire and combined it with colonial structured silhouettes to conceptualise this hallmark attire. Using western style elements like padding, lining and tailoring, the Achkan was reimagined again and a sharper, more versatile garment was made. It was during this period that the Bandhgala’s timeless characteristics were coined, forever changing the existing boxy silhouette. The harmonious fusion of the Indo-Western style became an instant classic throughout the country thanks to the versatility of the shorter jacket style. The princely appearance of the Bandhgala along with its ability to be paired with both western and eastern pants such as the Jodhpuri breeches, made it the perfect ambassador of essential Indian style in the contemporary fashion landscape. Inspired By 1200 years of history, the hand made Jodhpuri Bandhgala jacket has always exemplified the classic tailoring techniques and styling of the old world.

Custom fitted to suit one’s personality this heraldic style of adorning a suit redefines dapper dressing. This Jodhpuri for men is synonymous with brand RR and is a signature product offering. The brand recall is built around this piece of clothing and over the years it has become the most versatile item that can be combined with a pair of jeans to a contrasting cotton or silk pant or Jodhpur breeches other than it being a conventional suit worn with matching pants that goes with the jacket. This is what makes this ensemble suitable for all occasions and is a staple product that can easily be evolved season after season. This core product has helped build on array of styles both for RR men and women.

It has been a constant endeavour to patronise the Bandhgala and represent it globally given that it has proven to be the most universally acceptable item breaking away from all geographical boundaries. It’s been a trend setting attire in the realm of formal dressing when patronised by celebrity culture. Its versatility, fit and global appeal has transformed the course of men’s fashion hugely. People from all walks of life be it politicians, important personalities in the field of design and a coterie of clients in and out of the country have patronised this product immensely.

The modernisation of this garment has truly come a long way since its humble beginnings. It is an ideal product that is one of the best examples of Make in India. Here is a detailed break-down of this Jodhpuri blazers’ styling details and features: It is a band collared jacket that is structured and has five buttons in the centre front. It can be worn in a stately way wherein all buttons can be buttoned up until the band collar or the first two buttons could be left open to give it a contemporary twist. Some of the keywords that often come to mind while talking about the Bandhgala is timelessly classic, powerful and heritage. It is worth relishing the legacy of old world luxury through this ensemble that will always make the wearer feel special and timelessly elegant.

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