Fashion Design

Unique learning experiences create successful careers.
Focus on growing everyday and create your own trends.

Personalized internship programmes that offer young enthusiasts the opportunity to learn the nuances of design by professionals from the Raghavendra Rathore atelier. Hone your individual strengths as the mentorship program gets curated keeping in mind your career goals. Through this well-planned and thought-out internship program, praise, challenges as well as ideas get shared equally. Each assignment is guided and assessed by a senior designer from the RR team. On successful completion of the Mentorship Program, the apprentice receives a certificate and a letter of recommendation endorsing individual skills and achievements.


Embark on a dynamic design journey

  1. Fill an online application form and submit your assignment.
  2. Apprenticeship would be offered to the most meritorious candidates.
  3. Achievers exhibiting talent, perseverance and unbound creativity, get qualified to enroll for the ‘Master Class by Raghavendra Rathore’ held at the Gurukul School of Design, Jaipur.