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Trunk Show Partners

This is a special page inviting partners to host TRUNK SHOWS with the brand.

1. Collection:
A sizeable collection of latest and the ongoing season designs will be handpicked and selected for the trunk show, displaying the clothes sophisticated is essential.

2. Dates:
Trunk show dates will be provided by the brand for maximum results basis the initial discussions with the partner.

3. Revenue Sharing- Host's share:
Option 1: X% on garment sales.
Option 2: X% + cost of space + FnB + coordination by deputing one person to follow up with the RR team.
On jewellery : X% of sale price.

4. Process:
Brand handles manages payments, fittings, and deliveries; host payment post successful collection of 100% client payments.

5. Logistics/Budget:
Brand covers all logistic expenses for a seamless trunk show.

6. Team Representatives:
Two members of RR team will be present, to make sure all compliance from the brand side are met.

7. Potential:
The joint aim should be to have a successful turnout to make the best of the opportunity, the brand will expect a good foot fall considering the profile of the partner.