About Us


Designed specifically for a youthful yet trendy Rathore Man, the  Ready to Wear line of contemporary yet comfortable clothing expands the classic bespoke brand aesthetic of Raghavendra Rathore Jodhpur. A landmark moment that marks the first time that the bespoke Raghavendra Rathore brand moves away from conventional, tailored silhouettes to a cool and sensual approach to luxury with a modern Indian aesthetic. Offering a product range that addresses the need for affordable style in the fashionable Indian man’s wardrobe.

This line of clothing and accessories is targetted specifically for the millennial consumer with an array of elegant and mature options that are versatile in adapting to different locations and occasions alike. From semi-formal luncheons on a balmy afternoon, early evening get-togethers or lounging at a resort with family and friends.

Stylish and secure travel attire can make a huge difference creating a memorable experience for the wearer. Reinventing the idea of travelling in style, the line lives up to its reputation of being convenient for travel, perfect for road trips, red-eyes, and relaxing getaways. In a nutshell,  this transitional ready to wear line is the perfect choice to look presentable, but not too formal conveying an image that’s both dressed yet relaxed complementing the shades and moods of everyday life.

The summer collection consists of a range of pieces made in cotton with beautiful prints, structured and unstructured clothing accompanying accessories which form an integral part of the accents.